Cheap Organic Skincare?

Does it really exist? Is it really worth spending hundreds on products just because they claim to be organic? This is why I love the brand Sukin. They provide health conscious¬†consumers with skin, body and hair care products that are organic, of a high quality and don’t break the bank.

From toners, deodorant to shampoo and conditioner, they have it all. Everything you could possibly need to look or feel your best. A charcoal face mask will set you back $11.99 compared to a similar product by Miranda Kerr’s ‘Kora Organics’ line will cost you $44.95.

Sukin cuts no corners, their packaging is modern, elegant and well-designed offering shampoo and conditioner in massive one-litre pump bottles.

A certified organic, 25mL bottle of rosehip oil costs $17.95, a MooGoo rosehip oil costs $25.50. Both certified organic, both the same size.

With Sukin, you don’t even have to worry about whether buying organic is worth it when their gradual tanning gel is priced at $17.95 for 270 mL, whereas Bondi Sands, a non-organic company have a similar product of the same size for $17.99, the same price.

Not only is sukin just cheap, organic and good for the environment, it smells amazing, the quality is incredible and works just as well as the products of its higher priced competitors. I could not be happier!


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